The Amicis

Amicis Gin is a premium Gin brand created in 2016 from the paxion and knowledge of Paulo Pereira for distillery, art known from his grandfather, in addition with his passion for Beira’s region, his homeland

From the Latin, Amicis (friends) intends to be a drink that celebrates de Beira’s region, their flavors, their nature but, most of all, the friendship.

Based in a neutral distillate, are aromatized by the perfumed components presents in there 14 natural botanists, adding to the gin unique and different experiences, Amicis has a unique identity

In 2017, shortly after its launch on the market, wins the Médaille d’Or 2017 Gold Medal in the contest Spirits Selection By Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, a contest that awards drinks from all around the world, provided by rigorous tasters with recognized competence.

Amicis, by its versatility, aims to meet the taste of each one, allowing numerous servings to the singularity of the taste of its consumers.

Quality at the origin, Excellence in Gin

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Herbs & Botanicals

Amicis is distilled from 14 botanicals, which gave it a floral and unique flavor. From this 14, we highlight 5 that makes the Amicis a Unique Experience.

Carqueja Flower
The Carqueja arises spontaneously in nature, particularly at high altitude, like Serra de Açor. Eatable, it’s a flower widely used for cooking.
Widely recognized for its nutrients and numerous health benefits, walnut is an endogenous product of Serra de Sicó.
Santa Maria Herb
One of the most famous plants in Serra de Sicó, recognized for its influence on the palate of one of the most traditional products of this region, rabaçal cheese. It grows abundantly in the region.
The honey from Serra do Açor is different from other types of honey by its low sucrose content, its smell and its crystalline texture. It is, therefore, one of the most traditional products of this region.
The historic orange groves of Coimbra guided the landscape and the life of the city. For years, they have grown naturally and in a disorganized way.

Our Recipes

Amicis, for its versatility of botanists, allows a lot of recipes to the taste of each one. From the classic Gin Tonics to the most dashing Cocktails.

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Amicis on Tour

The Amicis trip has been reaching more and more destinations.

We share with you some images of the events where we have been present.

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